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GROSS ART It is high time to take the art brut out of the blind spot.

This artistic movement defined by Jean Dubuffet in 1945,

honored by the artist ©Emmanuel Chaumont !

"There are many definitions that intersect, many ways to define art brut. But the way that best illustrates it would be to talk about its artists, to say that they are free people. When we say someone is free, it is a person who does not attribute importance to the look of others. That doesn't mean that an artist of art brut doesn't like to show his works, on the contrary, he can be conscious of it and happy to exhibit as it was the case for Judith Scott. But the main thing is that he creates for himself." Antoine de Galbert, president of the Maison rouge and collector

© "Chat perché" Emmanuel Chaumont

© "Organic Fractal" Emmanuel Chaumont

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